The Work of The Maya Trust

The Maya Truste is a privately-funded, non-commercial organisation, dedicated to the preservation of all types of historic vehicles and machinery.

Our primary work involves “rescuing” unwanted items of equipment from non-enthusiasts, abandoned restorations etc., and promoting them to fellow collectors who will carry on the work and restore and preserve the machine for posterity.

We handle classic cars, vintage tractors and farm machinery, commercial vehicles, antique garden machinery, plant, stationary engines etc.

As we are not engineers or restorers, we only sell the rescued items in “as found” condition. To employ professional repairers to improve the condition of the vehicles would not be cost effective. Full details of our Terms of Sale may be found on this Website.

Due to our geographical location, in the far Southwest of Britain, all our vehicles are sourced locally, and are stored in various locations near Launceston. We are always interested to hear from anyone local who wishes to dispose of items of the type we handle.

In addition to the work detailed above, the Truste actively supports various local transport preservation groups.

As the Truste is not a commercial business, we avoid most of the expenses normally associated with car and machinery dealerships. As a result, we are able to offer items at more competitive prices than traders who, quite rightly, add on a profit margin to every sale. It also means that enthusiasts buying from the Truste know that whatever they spend will directly help save further worthwhile projects.

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