The History Of The Maya Truste

The members of the Maya Truste are all unpaid volunteers, with an interest in various types of vintage machinery.

As individual enthusiasts, we were continually being asked by non-collectors “do you know anyone who wants to buy my old car/tractor etc”.

Often, we were able to find a buyer for these items, or else we would purchase them ourselves, just to save them from destruction.

In 1985, the Truste founders felt it would be more convenient if this work could be put on a more formal basis, with centralised accounting and advertising.

As a result, The Maya Truste was formed, with funds from the individual members, to promote to other interested parties the various surplus vintage machinery available in this part of the Country.

The Truste is not a charity, and does not solicit cash donations. It is run as a non-commercial business, with any or all surplus funds raised from the sale of items being put back into further machinery rescue projects.

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